i am pretty in love with this image snapped while we were on holiday in southwest wa.
we ended up buying our first house down there.
we move to margaret river in 4 weeks.
ready to go now.
back on blogging so come and visit me again.
happy week-end to all,
♥ ashley


camille said...

hello there:) I like this picture, it almost looks like a pineapple- a whimsical pineapple.

you have a prettypretty blog:)

Luhlahh said...

Ohhh! Welcome back! Margaret River is supposed to be beautiful. It's on my go-there-one-day list. Cut pod photo, I like the shallow depth of field effect. X Lou

Luhlahh said...

Cute pod photo, I mean...

jeanamarie said...

yes the photo is really beautiful, like a breath of fresh air! glad you are back - 4 weeks! wow! congratulations on the house :)

amber said...

Congrats o the home purchase, very exciting and welcome back here I know you have been missed. Hope you are happy and well with all your new


Megan.K. said...

OMG!! That is fantastic news Ashley - huge! Congratulations. I haven't been to Margaret River either - but everything I've seen or heard about the place sounds fantastic - especially the abundance of natural beauty which you (and I) love so dearly.
Yay for your new direction.

Krissy said...

hooray for you! that's super exciting.

Anonymous said...


.girl ferment. said...

oh ashley
margaret river, how splendid
and a house that you can do with what you want
very happy, hope the packing is going well

.girl ferment. said...

btw the pic is beautiful too