sunny day

my other furry friend.
wanting this found via fine little day.
wish tomorrow was sunday again, it has been a lovely day. 
♥ ashley
still playing.


hiki said...

Hello Ashley!
Thank you so much for your friendly comment on my blog AND visiting my shop! Are you from an Aboriginal school? It made me jump up for joy as I spent a year at a school in Darwin many years ago and I visited one of the Aboriginal communities in NT as a part of Aboriginal Studies class I was taking! Anyway it's just so lovely to receive an order from you!!

vintageveggie said...

i've had a lovely morning too... playing with puppies at my volunteering job.

Margaret said...

What a sweet dog!!!! Oh how my dad would have loved the masking tape book. He once made a biplane out of masking tape. Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...