sunday is a fun day

-went wild flower searching with monsieur

-found some camel tracks
-ate a yummy lunch with some of the last of our fresh veggies
-cooked leek and potato soup which turned into a bit of playtime
-read in bed for many hours
i wish everyday was sunday,
♥ ashley

p.s. day 2 of a photo a day in august...wanna play? head here...


Bird Bath said...

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I really like the wildflowers.
And the close up shot of the fresh vegies...I feel like crunching on a radish now:)

Missa said...

Ha, I was trying to guess what those tracks were, I had no clue :)

Hehe, your thumb kinda looks like a member of DEVO in that wee hat.

I want a DSLR so bad, they take such lovely photos!

Here's to a wonderful week ahead :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos I LOVE the vegie one especially

K. Sundari said...

You make the Australian outback seem so lovely and loving.

Anonymous said...

ashley i have missed you....i am definately joining in on the photo a day ....might make me move my lazy arse and post more regularly!! thanks for the inspiration xx

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

cuileann said...

Strange and gorgeous plants.