finally finished unpacking from our trip to bali (funny how life can get too busy) and found my sweet little bobble horses. the orange one is my favourite so naturally he won the race!
for more photo a day in august head to the link list here.
hope you are having a splendid hump day!
♥ ashley


Anonymous said...

oh thanks for your message...i am hoping the photo a day will keep me moving and maybe create a habit !!! all good here - just crazy stoopid busy and tired...very tired...but me no complain....not much anyways...hope you are good and looking forward to more photos xxxx

Ahipara Girl said...

you seem to be getting the hang of your camera, i'm gritting my teeth at my SLR. so tempted to get out the old point and click camera, but can't go back to that now that i've seen what the new camera does. hey, i like the green horse cos green is my favourite colour. o, dinner sounded great the other night, roasted tomatos and soup, and that book looks good too. let me know, i love a good read. ;)

Megan.K. said...

How gorgeous!! So good you are playing along, and thanks for the tips on making piux big... now i just have to go and look up that link!!!

Maverick Malone said...

These are adorable! I love the photos of them, too. SO close up, it looks cool!

xox, mavi

Hila said...

your photos are just delightful :)