i had my lovely friends and their little girl staying with us for the last 2 nights and made some masks, this one was meant to be a sweet little panda bear, but ended up looking not so sweet (if a little [very] creepy!)

still feeling scattered about where i am going next, every time i think i have my finger on it i change direction, one minute i feel we are ready to invest in a home near the ocean, the next i want to be in the country, sometimes i want to continue teaching, others to follow a few dreams that have been brewing, perhaps this is a mid, mid-life crisis? is there such a thing!?

ordered a shapemaker and milk deco no.2 today from here: it's nice to spoil yourself sometimes!
♥ ashley


ayura said...

nice article...its intrestingly...done

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Hila said...

I know exactly how you feel because that's how I'm feeling now. Time will tell I suppose, in the meantime, it is nice to spoil yourself :)

Anonymous said...

just let the universe speak to you.i have often felt like this...the journey never ends.which is nice because you can always try something new and then change it!!

jEeRo said...

hmm i've 2 agreed the mask did look creepy..haha..

i'd choose a home near the ocean..its my dream home..just take your time deciding..its better not to rush..than regret later agreed?..

Amber said...

Hey maybe sometimes a break from thinking of what to do can give the best clarity. I really try and remember this, when i cannot come up with what to do, what direction to take...leaving it some how gives the answer. BUt hey in no way have i mastered it and i so hope clarity comes your way soon, because it can be such an uneasy time.
LOts of love