the sleeping bear

eiko ishikawa is a genius.
like this wouldn't make you the coolest kid at your next campout, 
bonus that everyone would hand over their marshmallows no questions asked.
me wanty
♥ ashley

found via mermag


rachel said...

that's so cool!

Jennifer Lea said...

ha! that is just what i need, so cute

Maverick Malone said...

LOL, this is so funny!! What a cool idea, hehe. I wish I'd had one of those when I was younger.

Paperface said...

I completely agree. Coolest thing ever. I want it soo bad.

Kevin Atteridg said...

Ha, great idea.

Ash said...

this totally is the coolest!

gardenmama said...

Eek! I'm scared!
So fabulous!