looking back on some old pictures.
these are a few from victoria, 
it makes me think perhaps it is the state of rainbows...
and geese (which i have loved since i was a tiny girl)...
and dream seaside homes *le sigh*

-writing a letter to my nana
-baking rye bread
-making another horse for my stampede
-staying warm with my nyupa
happy week-end
♥ ashley


gardenmama said...

The last pic is breathtaking!
I remember being awe struck by a rainbow last summer arching over the lake, it was pure magic!

jeanamarie said...

i think saw that house just today :)

on the way to lorne? you're coming back soon right?


elena-lu said...

goodness i love rainbow pics! such a moment in time that is captured to treasure over and over! wish itd rain where i am so maybe i could spot one!

Ahipara Girl said...

man, i love that house and if it looks out over the ocean, then its my dream house. ;)