my dog was hit by a 4WD this morning. we cannot get him to a vet because of our isolated community and roads being closed due to a cyclone.
my partner has just set off to drive to the next community where there is a nurse who will attempt to help him. his leg is crushed and cut badly.
i feel sick with worry and anger and frustration and loneliness.
i keep looking at his little doggy bed expecting him to be lying on his back staring back at me.
i miss my baby and just want everything to be okay.
♥ ashley


Amber said...

Oh Ashley,

I hope he will be OK, oh you are in my thoughts. He is just beautiful. Stay strong lovely.
Sending love...xx

jeanamarie said...

oh no that is terrible!!!!

i do hope the nurse can help him and that your mr can get to the next community safely and quickly. is it possible to fly a vet in or is that just a ridiculous question?

all of you in my prayers,

danica said...

that's terrible :) i hope the nurse can patch him up ok. will be thinking of you xo

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I hope he makes a full recovery. He looks like a real sweetie.

And big hugs to you xx

heartshapedmorning said...

oh no! i am so so sorry. my thoughts go out to you guys. i know what it's like to be worried like that.

K. Sundari said...

Oh dear Ashley.
I hope everything is ok. My thoughts are with you and your little doggy.

Krissy said...

oh dearest... I am sending you my thoughts and hopes that the pup will be ok. Keep us updated!

Vegan and Vintage said...

oh honey!

Hang in there, I'm sure he will be ok, please keep us updated.

Thinking of you,

Hollie xxxx

.girl ferment. said...

oh i hope he heals soon.
must be hard not having any vets around to help.

really sad to hear.

sara said...

oh no oh no i am so so sorry. i truly hope he is okay and i will be thinking about him and you today <3
stay strong, he will be alright.

mette/ungt blod said...

how truly awful. im thinking of you and your little doggy and sending all the luck i can.

melbournebyme said...

hello, i just pass by ur blog, nice to meet u anyway

it happen to my dog last year too. after 2days, he gone to heaven.

hope your doggy back home by now