desert life

snaps from around our house today.
it is raining tonight so we are stuck indoors (but about to cozy up and watch the truman show~ i adore that movie and haven't seen it in years).
we are going to bali in just over a week and i am so very excited to get away and stretch my legs again.
this place is beautiful but living in a community of 50 people can also be suffocating.
that said, i have accomplished a lot in the last little while.
my very first picture book is written and i am starting to doodle again,
sadly i think it won't be me to illustrate it, but completing the story has inspired me again.
i feel oodles of creative juices flowing through me.
it has been a while since i felt this way, and it is a feeling i have missed dearly.
happy week-end lovelies, 
and apologies if i haven't visited your beautiful blogs lately...
life has taken over for the time being at least...

♥ ashley

p.s. does anyone have a digital slr camera they cant live without?
i am looking to invest in one in the not so distant future and don't know where to start...
knowing there are so many talented snappers out there thought you may be able to assist. x.


Diana said...

I just *just* got one this week. A Canon Rebel XT. I love it. I upgraded from a Canon SD20, which was 7 years old. I love it and I bought the cheaper Rebel and invested in some expensive lenses. I believe all the bodies are the same, just different tweaks here and there but it's all about the lenses.

Łucja said...

I'm still discovering new, wondrous blogs and tonight I discovered Yours ;) I'm so delighted that I allowed myself to add a link to Your blog to my fav list...You take great pictures and Your style is simply, but beautiful and I feel really relaxed after reading Your notes :)

Amber said...

Oh a holiday on the horizon how exciting!.
I love your words and pictures, life there looks so different from mine here and yet we seem to have such similar thoughts and motivations...
Thank you for your beautiful comment on my recent post, it was warm and kind..thank you...xx

.girl ferment. said...

Wow the photos look like they are from another planet, not from the same country as mine.

i would love to read your children's story, what are the plans for it, when will it be published?

feel free to make some notebooks, i "appropriated" the idea from someone else anyhoo.

have a lovely weekend

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Oh red earth. Love.
Can't wait to hear more about your picture book!!!


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh looks like you have some lovely nature around your house! <3

Aw, unfortunately I'm into vintage cameras, so I don't know much about digital, though I do have a cheap old digital camera...I don't even know what the name of the camera is! haha.

Hope you are well, dear! <3

Moiface said...

Love the images!

I love my second-hand Nikon digital SLR. I thought Nikon was totally overrated until I got one :o).

I think Olympus cameras are really reliable as well (from my experience).

Jennifer Lea said...

yay, u got a picture book happening, want to hear more.
u live in a community with 50 people? where are u living

Tara Lucia Zaicz said...

Beautiful! I too live in an indigenous community, have been here for the past 3 years. It's so nice to find someone else who shares the love. Lockhart River is the remotest community in Cape York, Queensland.... I'm involved with sustainable community development. Beautiful stories and adventures xox