seven more

simone from loops and stitches tagged me with the random seven tag. i did one not so long ago, but thought i'd try and add 7 more.

7 more random things about me.

1. i sleep with 3 pillows~ sometimes under my head, sometimes wrapping myself around them.

2. sometimes i miss my mum so much my tummy hurts.

3. i have 2 brothers.

4. i stopped eating red meat when i was 7, i dropped all the others when i was 14.

5. i think my dog has people thoughts and understands what i say to him, especially french words.

6. i love blueberries~ if i had only one food i could consume for the rest of my days, they are it.

7. i collect seashells, and fill glass bottle with them by colours and shapes.
i am not tagging 7 people but if you feel like you have a little list of things about you leave me a comment and tagged you will be:)
x ashley


Tobey said...

just found your lovely blog. some days i think i would eat mangoes for the rest of my life. other days, like today, i think peanut butter.

Amber said...

I just posted my favorite quotes, following the theme.
I have seven things to put here too..I must be back when I get five.


jodi said...

yes, your blog is just gorgeous. I'll come back always x

Martha Joy said...

awww I feel the same way about my dog!!