it is funny how when i have a deadline with work i become suddenly creative and crafty in all other facets of my life. i think this is like a reverse procrastination as i am getting loads done, just not what i am officially supposed to.

bought a large assortment of kikoys and tea flowers online for Christmas presents.
ordered a few more craft books.
finished my crane mobile.
folded and glued my que? bird.
hung some thai lanterns.
organised papers.
started making some traveller pouches from calico and hemp.
went for a long, muddy run with the pups.

have not:
finished report cards.
packed for school camp {heading to perth in 5 days with 30 remote Aboriginal children!!}
completed most recent writing assignment.

hope all have also had a contented saturday,
♥ ashley


rachel said...

those pictures are beautiful.. you've taken such a great angle/ insight on mundane things and made them seem lovelier with your point of view.

I see myself being addicted to you blog and so I have added you to my blog roll :)

have a great weekend!

♥ R

jeanamarie said...

i have enjoyed today very much.

cinnamon buns sound soooooo yummy, i like your mobile, and how you have your paper organised, care to come and organise mine? :)

muchlove said...

Great pictures. I love crane mobiles.

I know what you mean. I was supposed to get some work done, but ended up making jewellery and taking photos all day.

jEeRo said...

nice those crane mobile n thai lanterns..=)
have fun at Perth!!!!

Martha Joy said...

haha gotta love dirty paws!

Krissy said...

lovely photos! I want one of those blooming tea pots so bad :) I think I'll add it to my list of "wanted birthday presents"...

Missa said...

I'm totally the same way with work work, ah there's always Sunday, and it looks like it was a pretty productive Saturday to me :)

Love how the paper crane mobile turned out and it looks especially lovely with the colorful lanterns!

Maggie May said...

lovely. the paper crane mobile is so pretty! charming. what are you going to make with the flowers you ordered?

Simone said...

Oh do I know what you mean... I'm in that mood that very moment.

Great pics!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The tea flower is so so pretty!

Have a nice week-end :)

Mademoiselle M.

danica said...

your saturday looks absolutely divine, ashley! i have been buying tea for people for christmas as well (great minds...). I love your crane mobile - it looks beauitful :)

Valentine said...

i know exactly what you mean. i get that way when i have loads of other work to do-- my attention shifts and the next thing you know, ive painted awhole section of my room. weird.

!!!paper crane mobile-- such a beauty and those thai lanterns.. i could prolly spend all day looking at those.



i do believe i would be clicking away in your blog for a while (very inspiring stuff!).. hope you dont mind. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love cinnamon buns. I will have to get a bread maker for this recipe though.Love the doggie feet. They look familiar. hahah, I have 2 a westie and a border collie.:)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

A beautiful series of images! I work the same when I have a deadline - I get loads done, just not what I am supposed to be doing :)

Bird Bath said...

very pretty *sigh*