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sweet danica of coccinelle has tagged me with a very cute idea for a post.

to share the fourth image in the fourth folder on my computer:)

my fourth image is from my fourth folder called 'design' and is a very chic looking teapot called the sorapot. it is from the groovy supermarket shop. i would love to make my rooibos in this share friendly design, it makes tea even more beautiful than it already is.

i'd like to tag kirtida to play next, if she is so inclined!

x ashley


K. Sundari said...

oh beautiful teapot! Looks like my teapot collection is lacking in modern designs.
Will have mine up soon!

Krissy said...

That is one cool looking teapot!

danica said...

This is by far one of the funkiest teapots I have ever seen! Thanks for playing along, Ashley :)

K. Sundari said...

Oh oops! Totally forgot that I haven't done it yet. Will have mine up late this week, have one last assignment to go!