beach bums

puppy loves an early morning play date at the beach {not that i mind either};)


Maureen said...

Ashley the book you saw was The Visible World, Mark Slouka. I misidentified it on MY blog.

Krissy said...

My Stella is sitting next to me. She's very jealous of your pups :)


adorable indeed...that's right you are having your spring while we r having our Autumn season...feel free to drop by & hope you say hi!
Greetings fm California*

danica said...

Aww so cute :)

danica said...
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Anonymous said...

my busta would love that beach - not the water so much but the beach.
thanks for your nice comments - i love the foot photo too xx
welcome back by the way .
maybe one day we will hook up when we are professionals for a photo shoot! believe in the dream i say !!