on our walls

i was tagged by .girlferment to post what is on my walls.

my house is 850 km away from a shop. so the decorating options are pretty dismal {anything i can pack in a backpack, or print from my laptop} the house is made of tin {?} and i use a lot of magnets to stick things up. the canvas art is by the local ladies.

i love the idea that one day my walls will be pretty and well cared for but for now i bluetak, magnet and yarn things where i want them and hope for a happy accident.

i tag: fanny, mila, and hollie,

p.s. would any of the lovely perth ladies have a favourite shop, cafe, spot that i should visit when i am there over the school holidays? i need local knowledge to make me smile. thx. xo.


K. Sundari said...

love your walls. Very personal and cute. In regards to your question. I posted a little mini tour guide to Perth!

Missa said...

How cool that you can use magnets to attach things to your walls! Half of the walls in our old house are plaster which poses problems for using tacks and nails for hanging things.

I'm in love with those bell and boo cards!

Mila said...

Sorry for the capslock..
I feel honoured you tagged me, but the problem is i don't really have things on my wall, haha.
i will try and find a way to do the tag, in some othet nice way.
I am very busy this week, so i hope i don't forget. Maybe you want to remind me?

Thanks so much for the always amazing comments you leave me, it means the world to me!


daydream lily said...


and you did a heart shapped photo thingy on the wall. looks amazing.

love your style.

Liss aka daydreamlily

hokey said...

Done! Thanks for the tag my love.

One question... Where do you live???

danica said...

Your walls look lovely indeed, Ashley. I especially like the way you have displayed the belle and boo prints - very cute and clever.

All I can add to what Kirtida has already told you about where to go in Perth is to check out Mt Lawley. It's where Planet is located and is very close to both Northbridge and the city. There are lots of great cafes (Beaufort Street Merchant is one of my faves) and cute shops (check out Ruck Rover). I hope that is helpful!

Hila said...

You have lovely walls Ashley - so cute! And it seems that Danica and Kirtida have already fully informed you about Perth places to check out :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

all very delicate pretty things.

gracia said...

So nice to see a little of what hangs on your walls... thank for the tiny tour.

Mary-Laure said...

It's adorable how you displayed some images in the shape of a heart!

the tea drinking english rose said...

what lovely walls you have!!

especially the last bit of wall.. with those images, i want some!! i love. i love.

.girl ferment. said...

your walls seem so tactile and homely.
thank you for sharing.

Teal Chic said...

love the photos!!!! your walls look great.

Zmaga said...

Your walls are so motivating - I should redecorate my room :/

Moiface said...

Can I come and live with you!? I love your walls!

P.S. That photo of the basket which is now your header is fabulous!