this is

how i like to spend my week-end

sleeping in and staying in bed for a while reading and cuddling my lovely.

making herbal tea in my favourite mug.


organizing artist canvas for hubby.

cooking udon noodles with miso and chillies.

illustrating {am homesick for Canada today and freezing cold so i keep hoping that this will be what i will see when i draw the blinds}

tidying my closet.

having a bath by candlelight.

special thanks to lovely angela for the idea of a fun little sunday game {which is also on my 'what i like to do on the week-end list} and the bird bath for this weeks splendid theme.


p.s. fluke sale at aa finished. hope somebody else lucked out as well;) x


danica said...

Such lovely ways to spend the weekend, Ashley!

handmaiden said...

looks like a relaxing weekend

Jane said...

How relaxing! <3 A cup of tea sounds good right now...I am tired!

Mila said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Af lot of the things i do too in weekends.. ;)

I'd love a hot bath with candlelight... <3

Love, Mila.

Krissy said...

sounds like a lovely weekend :) I haven't taken a bath in years- that is on my to-do list!!

design for mankind. said...

Oh what a lovely weekend! :)