on my desk

am a bit scattered today. i have a stye in my left eye {which is swollen up making me look like a losing boxer} and i had to close down my school at lunch to rest it.
but in my self sympathy i have managed to squeeze in some lazy time at my desk reading vogue and a brilliant book {jennifer new; drawing from life; the journal as art}. i also have a bunch of mail to sort and an empty cuppa tea to refill.

ohhhh, and i also ordered the diana+ edelweiss camera today {self sympathy gift!}

check out more on my desk here.


Kirsty said...

The camera looks wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing & hearing more when it arrives.

Jane said...

OOOH you got a Diana camera?!? I am thinking seriously about getting a Diana + Dreamer at Urban Outfitters. Tell me when you get it!
I love reading Vogue...actually I like Teen Vogue better than Vogue (I know, *gasp*) but I read it ALL the time. <3

Mila said...

Great!!!! I love that camera, it looks so amazingly sweet and beautiful!
I am very curious about the pictures you'll be makking with it..

Oh and i absolutely LOVE your blog, such a shame i haven't linked you yet (!!??)
First thing i am going to do NOW!

Have a great day!

x Mila

danica said...

You poor thing! I hope your eye is starting to feel better. You did order a very nice sympathy gift though...looking forward to seeing the photos you take with it :)