me special

thankyou to sweet jane from strawberry season for the tag

game rules

1. link to the person who tagged you

2. post the rules on your blog

3. write six random things about yourself

4. tag six people at the end of your post

5. let each person know that they've been tagged, by leaving a comment at the end of the post

6. let the tagger know your entry is up

so here we are...

6 random things about me:

{1} i love dill pickles-i can eat a jar in a sitting and i am always thinking about them

{2} sometimes i suffer from insomnia, sometimes from narcolepsy

{3} i am almost finished watching season 3 of the hills, and enjoyed every second of it

{4} i love legwarmers...they have never been out of style in my mind and are one of the smartest things since sliced bread

{5} i have 2 university degrees

{6} i collect seashells and fill little glass jars to the brim with different combinations of them

i just tagged some people a few posts ago. so if you want to do this meme-leave a comment and i will tag you. xXx.


daydream lily said...

the hills - is that like Laguna Beach?

two degrees, smart cookie, im close to finishing my second too :-)

ashley said...

the hills is laguna beach all 'grown up';) good wholesome time wastage. x

Krissy said...

mmm. I love pickles too and it's dangerous to have them in the house because they don't survive long :)

Jane said...

I totally agree with #s 3 and 4! I adore The Hills...I like Lauren best, you?
I like any kind of warmers. I just finished some tie-dye arm warmers and they are awesome!!! I am knitting a pair of leg warmers now.
Nice getting to know more about you! Thanks for participating!

ashley said...

krissy- am glad am not alone on the pickle addiction;)
jane-cant say i have a favourite-the show just makes me smile, you should do a leg warmer post;) x

.girl ferment. said...

great photo.