la la la la la la tonight

i took this photo the other day as we were driving back to the community. the sky is so blue and the sand so red- i love that contrast. i love the light that seems to guide us along the road for hours at end as well.

my favourite black indian ink arrived from an art shop today- i doodled a little as i waited for the kettle to boil.

we are attempting to bread and cook calamari tonight- decadance based on our location- with fresh garlic aioli and rocket salad picked fresh from my little garden. sometimes tuesdays can be divine.

tonight i will continue my re-reading of sylvia plath's The Bell Jar- she is such a beautiful writer it gives me goosebumps.


p.s. the title comes from an old smashing pumpkins song i have stuck in my head but cannot remember the name of....


.girl ferment. said...

great environment, great doodles, how did the calamari go?

ashley said...

chewy!! x