desk +

not much on my desk tonight-finished a very spicy {and yummy} pasta bake and am doodling {procrastinating} in front of the computer {note: new robot obsession}.

the spice blend for a curry from a dinner we hosted last night {cinnamon, turmeric, curry, cumin and salt}. i love the colour turmeric stains foods.

and a leaf the pup dragged in that i found on the front mat. it is a perfect love heart and i enjoyed playing photographer with it as my model.



Mila said...

Ah, , beautiful hearshaped leaf!
My cats drag all sorts of things inside the house, but never beautiful things (or should i take a closer look?) ;)

x Mila.

K. Sundari said...

Very cool. I love finding love hearts and other cutesie shapes in nature. Makes my heart turn to caramel!

Richel said...

I love making curry blends! The colors produced are truly inspiring, no?