colin the whale

i was devastated by the news today.
there is a a baby humpback whale {2 weeks old} left stranded and starving in Sydney's Pittwater- it's been there for three days after it's mother abandoned it {for reasons unknown}.
the footage this morning's news was showing was of poor colin swimming around a yacht {it thought it was his mother} and virtually snuggling up against it. i hope and pray they will save that precious soul.
not sure why some things get inside us and can tug at our hearts the way they do, this story sure has for me. ;(


Krissy said...

I read that story too and wanted to hug the little whale :)

Hila said...

I heard about this too - poor little guy :(

Richel said...

this story makes me sad. I love whales, and find it really disappointing when I hear news like this.

Nikki said...

This has really moved me, too... the poor baby.

laura said...

such a sad story indeed :(