just a minute in july

listening...radiohead's in rainbows has been on my ipod non-stop for the last weeks- in particular jigsaws falling into place

(re)reading...sylvia plath: the bell jar

watching...dexter...big love..into the wild

eating...fresh salad..while it lasts with loads of avocado

drinking...chai latte

drawing...spirograph women mum

thanks to daydream lily for linking this blog and this meme.


Jenaveve said...

What did you think of Into the Wild? This one had me analysing it for days after.

The Bell Jar is a personal favourite but it has been about a decade since I read it.

Love your post!

Hila said...

I love that album and that book :)

daydream lily said...

oh I havent seen Dexter, but im about to start watching it.

Kirtida Sundari said...

Sharing your joy on the chai all the way.

ashley said...

i though into the wild was magic. i was a bit frustrated at first at the thought process of a young guy with too much money...but then between the story unfolding and the scenery i was flabbergasted;)